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House of Risk is a Risk & Assurance consultancy business set up to provide solutions within the housing sector. We tailor our services to meet the needs of each client’s individual requirements. The focus of our work is to ensure that Boards and Committees can feel assured that their organisation has appropriate corporate assurances in place.

Unlike many risk consultancies, we have extensive inside knowledge, having worked in the sector ourselves for many years. This enables us to quickly get to grips with the needs of your business, as we already understand the sector.

We identify customer challenges and collaboratively create strategies to move forward quickly with a solution focused approach.

Becky Tucker

Director and Founder of House of Risk

A highly experienced risk and assurance specialist, passionate about making all things risk and compliance easy to understand, accessible for all and yet meaningful to the organisation.

Becky has worked in the Housing Sector for more than 13 years and brings over 20 years of business experience, working with the most senior leaders within organisations, helping them to understand the positive impact that well managed risks can bring.

Becky is also a highly skilled facilitator who specialises in making risk management training accessible, creative and above all leaves your organisation with an effective and impactful approach to managing risk and opportunities.

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